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Summertime Is The Most Enjoyable Time For Sex

Yes, and the quality of sex depends on the season! Men can always enjoy their sexual lives during the summer. And why does that stand the test? Summertime always brings us with more confidence and vitality, and we tend to take better care of our bodies. You decompress from daily stress and enjoy life more. Compared to winter, summer is more laid back and you are on vacation or you feel more ready for sex in the heat than in the cold. There are more chances to experiment with novel and distinctive ideas. It has been demonstrated that summertime elevates your libido!

According to a study, you are normally in a better psychological state in the summer than in the winter. And another item. More call girls, city tour girls, and escorts offer their services and take advantage of Kuala Lumpur’s summertime!

Summertime Survival Guide

  • Condoms should never be left in your automobile. Warm weather can harm a condom, increasing your chance of an unintended pregnancy or STD. Since cars experience abnormally high summer temperatures, replace any condoms left in the glove compartment by throwing them out.
  • Remember to stay hydrated. Though it might not sound like very sultry advice, remember that it’s summer, and having sex is like having a small workout. Because of this, you should drink plenty of water during your sex. While having a few ice cubes during intercourse can be beneficial, having some water by your bedside is more helpful.
  • Avoid sex in the water. When it comes to sex, traveling to the sea or the pool may sound sensual, but it is not a wise idea at all. Since water removes your body’s natural lubricant, it creates additional friction. This raises the possibility of bacteria and viruses entering it, making it the most likely way to contract an STD. Additionally, it facilitates urinary tract infections.
  • Steer clear of freelance escorts offering shoddy services. Take your time. Low-cost escorts put your safety and the quality of the service in jeopardy. Select an escort from our KL escort agency to ensure superior safety and service.
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