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How To Become a High-Class KL Escort?

In Kuala Lumpur, becoming a sophisticated KL escort companion can be a highly fulfilling career, but it’s not for everyone. It calls for a lot of diligence, commitment, and attention to detail. We seek the following qualities from our Kuala Lumpur escort girls:

  1. Fitness and appearance.
    One of the most crucial parts of being an escort companion is your physical appearance. Invest in a classy wardrobe. Maintain clean skin, small hair, and freshly manicured nails. Exercise frequently to achieve a toned physique.
  2. Being on time.
    Always arrive five to ten minutes early. We provide premium service, so it is unacceptable to be late for a reservation. The secret is communication. Our KL Call Girls agency prioritizes escort safety. We do not represent girls outside of their confines. Please make sure we know what you like. Always let your booker know when you plan to arrive at the reservation and leave.
  3. Discretion.
    Your discretion is vital as an escort. Always act like a woman, dress elegantly, and respect your clients’ privacy.
  4. Be professional and honest.
    KL is committed to providing comfort and safety to its escorts. For everyone’s safety, exchanging phone numbers with clients is prohibited.
  5. Make educational and future investments.
    A high-class KL escort needs to know current events and international affairs, just like a Japanese geisha. By enrolling in classes and reading books to learn, you can invest in yourself.
  6. Stay observant and sober.
    Do not exceed a couple of glasses of wine or champagne on a dinner date. You should always be sober and vigilant because your safety is at risk.
  7. Adopt a cheerful outlook.
    Be professional but also personable and self-assured. Your upbeat demeanor will be noticed and valued.

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